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Publish Date: 16 July 2014 - 16:49
The Leader of the Islamic Ummah His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei warned that the Zionist entity is taking advantage of the Islamic world’s negligence to commit crimes against Palestinians
Ayatollah Khamenei Praises Rouhanis's Stance against Zionists massacre in Gaza
Speaking in a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet members in Tehran on Monday, Imam Khamenei said what is happening in Gaza is "truly catastrophic.” In parallel, Imam Khamenei also praised the Iranian president’s stance and the government’s measures regarding the sad incidents in Gaza and the killings of Palestinians, especially women and children
 "The Gaza incidents are utterly disastrous, and the Zionist entity is carrying out the current atrocities by taking advantage of the negligence of the Islamic world,” the Leader said.
Imam Khamenei then called on the Islamic nations to close ranks against the Zionist entity to defend Palestinians. His Eminence added that the "Israeli” massacre in Gaza should awaken the Islamic governments and nations and convince them to put aside their differences and become united.

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